Reader Input: State thirsts for citizens’ money

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The Congress of the State of California is not done getting more of the hard-earned money of their constituents.
The increase in the sales tax was not enough. Soon, if all of their upcoming bills pass, Prop. 13 will no longer be in existence. These bills are:
AB 59: Split Roll Parcel Taxes will permit school districts to impose split-roll parcel. It will significantly erode Prop. 13.
SCA 3: Senate Constitutional Amendment 3 would lower the threshold for school district per parcel property taxes from two-thirds to 55 percent (another assault on Prop. 13).
SCA 4: Senate Constitutional Amendment 4 and SCA 8 — Senate Constitutional Amendment 8 — These would lower the threshold for the imposition, extension or increase of local transportation special taxes from the Prop. 13 mandated two-thirds to 55 percent. (Most transportation special tax increases consist of very regressive sales tax hikes. These add to the burden of California taxpayers who already pay the highest state sales tax in the nation).
SCA 7: Senate Constitutional Amendment 7 which lowers the threshold from two-thirds to 55 percent in order to approve a bond to fund public library facilities.
SCA 9: Senate Constitutional Amendment 9 lowers the threshold from two-thirds to 55 percent to increase special taxes to fund community and economic development projects.
I have to wonder if they could, with just a stroke of the pen, put all of these Constitutional Amendments together, get it passed and then all property taxes would go sky-high. This state seems to have an unquenchable thirst for money — ours.