Reader Input: Still being misled by left

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After ten years we are still being misled by the Democrats who are still beating the dead horse on WMDs in Iraq. As evidenced by your Visual Viewpoint cartoon on April 4 depicting President George W Bush.
Bush and Dick Cheney. All these short-sighted individuals have to do is read the book “Saddam’s Secrets” by Iraq General Georges Sada. He explains Saddam not only had them, he used them on his own people and was making plans to deliver them to New York. I watched CNN the first night of the attack on Bagdad showing all the large semi-trucks crossing the Syrian border. Even I knew they weren’t delivering Twinkies. And now the present administration can’t admit that the chemical threat in Syria is in any way connected to the missing WMDs from Iraq. Take off the blinders and do some research before you run anymore idiot cartoons not based on fact. The left will continue to mislead and lie in order to push their misled agenda whatever it might be.
Think back to all the lies and unfullfilled promises by the current occupant of our White House and get off George W Bush’s back.
Chuk Lawshe, Pilot Hill