Reader Input: Stop blaming the weapons

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The rhetoric of the “gun debate” never ceases to amaze me. The Second Amendment is in place to be sure the citizens have weapons to defend against an oppressive government. There is nothing said about hunting. At the time it was written, citizens had the same weapons as the government, to level the playing field. If we were purists, we should have access to all weapons of war.
We are like a bunch of lemmings when the media gets ahold of a tragedy like Sandy Hook and Aurora. They beat it to death for the wrong reasons and look at false solutions. If you want to stop the killings, make killing illegal.
Wait, it already is. There are more than twice as many guns owned in the U.S. today as 20 years ago and the murder rate with guns is down by about 50 percent. By making guns illegal in schools, theaters, sporting events, etc. it provides excellent targets for those that want to carry out these horrible attacks.
It is time for clearer heads to prevail and look for a solution to our societal ills, including caring for the mentally ill, reaffirming family values and a strong work ethic, instead of blaming the weapon.
Richard Smallridge, Auburn