Reader Input: Stop bleeding people white

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In your paper of Feb. 28, 2013, Paul T. McDaniel wrote an outstanding letter (“Time to get tough with U.S. Congress”). I agree with him 100 percent.
Giving all that money to these foreign countries doesn’t  even make sense when we can’t even balance our own government budget!
For instance, we have been giving over $3 billion to Israel for over 20 years! Plus, we are giving them all our latest military equipment which includes fighter planes, etc. We give them all that “free, I mean free,” with all that money.
They have had a balanced budget for over 20 years. My daughter studied about it in college.
The subject that makes my blood boil is our Social Security, which all of them refer to as “entitlements.”
No way — we paid in to that and that money was taken out of our paycheck. Our employers also contributed to the money.
It has nothing to do with federal money. But back in the ’60s, they put our Social Security in the so-called general fund. Like Mr. McDaniel says, they all hate us. In fact the more money we give them, the more they hate us.
Obama just gave $60 million dollars to Syria. Gee, what that wouldn’t do to help the children that go to school hungry in this country.
What in the world can the public do about it?
We send emails that don’t get those phony lying politicians out of our capitol.
They have to be all, and I mean all, voted out of office!