Reader Input: Stop closing bookstores

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There are bookstores that are closing down all over Auburn and we need to stop it (“The Book Haven in Auburn enters its last chapter,” Journal, Nov. 29). We need to because we can find everything we need to find at bookstores. These people who own the bookstores are losing their jobs, and you wouldn’t want to lose your job, would you?
People are buying Nooks and Kindles because they think it will be a lot easier to find a book on it. You can even find books at bookstores that you can’t find on a tablet.
Imagine that you have a Nook. Pretend that you’re on an airplane that’s flying to New York from California. You take out your Nook to find out that it’s covered in coffee. So now you can’t get onto your Nook and are not able to read the book that you want. This would never happen if you just buy the book.
Now look at this scenario: You don’t have a Nook but an actual book. You take it out and no matter what, you are still able to read.
That is why getting an actual book is better than having a Nook or other tablet that can get ruined from just one spill of your coffee. So next time you want to get a book, try going to a bookstore.
MALLORY CUTTER, student, Auburn