Reader Input: Stop looking down!

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When you walk down the street most everything you see are people on their phones.
My sisters freak out when they forget their phones. When my mom is driving I look over and I see someone and they are talking and texting on their phone. Is it really important that when you’re driving you have to take a call or text someone?
I think every day that people are losing their common sense. People get in car accidents, because they are texting or talking on their phones. I wish that people can get off their phones, computers and stop watching TV and go outside or spend time with their family.
What if one day you’re driving home to your family and you pick up your phone and look down for one second and you crash into a car? Whose fault is that?
Think before you pick up your phone. Think about what could happen to you. How would your family feel? How much would they miss you?
Your life is short. Don’t spend that time on your phone, spend that time with your family, because you never know what will happen the next day or today.
KATELYN GODON, student, Foresthill