Reader input: Strengthen dog leash laws

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This is in response to Tom Ricky, Reader Input, April 7, “Strengthen State Leash Laws.”
I am so sorry for the loss of your wife’s toy poodle that was killed by an unleashed pit bull. Our pets are part of our family.
When I first moved to Auburn, I would walk my leashed cocker spaniel around  Regional Park. But now I don’t walk my dog anywhere in Auburn for the fear of being attacked by another dog.
If our state and county politicians had any sense of justice, they would make a law that would hold the owner of any dog liable for its attacks on another animal that is under leash control.
The owner of the attacking dog should pay for veterinarian cost and, in case of death, the cost of replacing the animal. There is not enough law enforcement to keep people from unleashing their dogs, especially at parks with disc-golf. So called “dog parks” are not much safer.