Reader Input: Support beliefs with actions

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I support Hobby Lobby. They risk losing a great deal for their belief in not being a willing accessory to the murder of unborn children through the new Obamacare programs. They walk the talk of their faith.
What exactly is the faith of our president? Christian? Muslim? No faith? Whatever it is, I would just appreciate seeing the man in charge have actions that support his beliefs.
I am a little confused as to how someone who claims Christianity in some circles is forcing their brothers and sisters in Christ to comply with murder. “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart (”Jeremiah 1:5). Well, while the commander in chief is pleasing the world instead of his creator, who he luke-warmly claims to serve when convenient, I am glad there are Christian folks out there like Hobby Lobby who actually pick up their cross and follow him despite the cost.
There is such a thing as righteous anger without sinning. Jesus proved that in the temple overturning tables where there was selling and stealing.
Yes I am angry at the state of this nation — we care more about trees, polar bears, and the ocean than we do about the unborn children.
Angela Collier, Auburn