Reader Input: Support fight for real food

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It is no coincidence that the food and chemical industries combined to dump $47 million into promoting a pack of lies to defeat a proposition designed to make us aware of the manipulation of our food supply … one that is more rapidly becoming saturated with chemical toxins to leave us fat, sick and craving more.
We demanded warning labels on tobacco and alcohol; ingredients and nutrition labels on processed food; we fought for honest weight labels, and against deceptive packaging and naming of products.
There was never a question of cost to the consumer but, miraculously, identifying altered food was supposed to cost us $400/year. This attests to the utter gullibility of the electorate.
If you think for one minute that the conglomerates that monopolize our grocery store shelves are interested in your health or nutrition, perhaps you are unaware of dramatic increases in obesity, heart disease, diabetes and cancer.
Every manipulation they’ve made is to increase shelf life, improve appearance, or increase resistance to pests (i.e. produce more pesticides) or addict you to the product with refined flavor enhancers. Nutrition is the loser. So are we.
Fight back by supporting organic alternatives ... if you still remember what real food tastes like.
Jim Beall, Sr., Loomis