Reader Input: Support youth-centered political event

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Re: “College: no public funds used to bring senator,” Journal, Oct. 30.
I participated in Sierra College’s Political Awareness Day as a representative of The League of Women Voters — Placer County and was impressed with the energy and spirit of this student-organized first-time event. I hope it becomes a tradition.
Any time we can engage younger people in the political process, regardless of party preference or ideological view, we should seize that opportunity.
I am, therefore, startled that, rather than supporting the Political Science Club and their efforts, Diane Foster has seen fit to question the appearance of Sen. Darrell Steinberg as guest speaker at the event. I would think that political party representatives would be the first to see the benefits of this type of exposure.
Kudos to the Sierra College Political Science Club for a well-organized and well-managed event.
Patricia Burke, Newcastle