Reader input: Take action and offer solutions

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Placer County Supervisors have realized a long time ago the dire need for a new Auburn animal shelter; they have worked toward that goal for many years. And now, when the end is finally in sight for more chances and a better life for the animals, and more cheerful surroundings for shelter personnel, we encounter nothing but negativity and criticism!
Instead of criticizing and complaining about the horrible and overcrowded conditions at the shelter, one petite, determined woman, with a loving heart took “action.”
She founded “Friends of the Animals” in 1999; placed ads in the paper to recruit volunteers; initiated fundraisers; worked tirelessly to organize “Doggy-Derbies” with vendors, animal adoptions, “Doggy-beauty-pageants,” etc.; organized “Animal Adoptathons”; initiated a “Mutt-Strut”; rescued countless cats from the shelter by renovating a dilapidated building on D Avenue, turning it into the “Cat-House,” where they found rescue and TLC; started a huge, used bookstore including a boutique to benefit the animals; placed articles in newspapers to raise awareness of the importance of spaying and neutering, and, with her help, “Friends of the Animals” donated a fully equipped $50,000 spay and neuter trailer to the Auburn Shelter.
The name of this remarkable woman is: Rosemary Frieborn!
Instead of complaining and criticizing, some people take action and offer solutions!
Mechelle Buhan, Auburn