Reader Input: Take editorial high road

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Harry Labrie’s thoughts in “Don’t publish ill-informed writers,” (Reader Input, Feb. 23) expresses the thoughts of many readers, I must believe.
Publishing “absurd charges” and comments by “reactionary name-callers” originating from late-night hate jocks and bitter bloggers may sell a few papers; however, it degrades the editorial standards of the Journal. Most of this tripe has been discredited long ago by credible sources.
The greater damage is that the more frequently an allegation is repeated, the more it is believed – a fundamental principle long understood by the media and the advertising industry.
Many of your readers express thoughtful and well-reasoned comments. Not publishing hateful, unfounded and inflammatory comments is responsible editorial policy and certainly not censorship, as a reader recently commented. It comes down to the editorial standards of the Journal.
The letters to the editor pages in the numerous high quality publications that we are fortunate to have access to demonstrate responsible editorial standards. It is this reader’s wish that “our” Auburn Journal take the high road and maintain similar standards, as they have over the decades.
Charles Weidmer, PUHS Class of 1955, Colfax