Reader Input: Taxpayers lose protections

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The current Obamacare plan isn’t good enough for the government workers and our leaders. It certainly is not good enough for the taxpayers who will be forced to support this gigantic overhaul.
Sen. David Vetter (R-Louisiana) continues to champion his proposal to deny health subsidies to members of congress, their staffs, the president, the vice president and their political appointees.
He stated on Oct. 15, “I will get a vote at some point on this issue.”
Our president continues to give certain unions, corporations and others exemptions from this obligation. President Obama should have been the first to sign on to his own signature law (what a wonderful chance to lead). Perhaps many would have accepted the idea better? But now, we the taxpayers are being discriminated against by those above us. I do realize many people who work for large companies get perks but somehow this does not seem the same. They should be required to sign up for the exchange.
In the near future all citizens will have their private health records sent to a central government location. Looks as if the IRS will be in charge! The navigators (those persons hired by our federal government to assist us through some of the sign-ups) are people who have never had a criminal background check.
Yes, all of your personal information, Social Security numbers, birthdays etc. will be open to any one of them. What kind of protection do we the taxpayers have and what say do we have?
Susie Brown, Newcastle