Reader input: Teamwork is answer for homeless shelter

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Last Monday, as Auburn City Council members intently listened to arguments of local citizens over a proposal to build an emergency homeless shelter in the industrial area located along the railroad tracks.
I, too, expressed my concerns. My concern was that the proposed locations would create too much distance between the homeless and the necessary services they rely upon. To make that point, I presented a map diagramming that the majority of services serving the needs of the homeless are located in the northern quadrant of Auburn, near Bell (Road) and Highway 49.
I also presented council members with a petition containing 61 signatures of homeless people who felt that they had been excluded in regards to an important decision affecting them.
To speed things up, council members could have voted on Monday to endorse the proposed plan, which had been opposed by the citizenry. Though action was long overdue, the council courageously admitted this and chose to listen to the people, deciding to look outside of the box for answers before voting on a proposed plan that would not have served in the best interests of anyone.
In my opinion, they deserve a lot of credit for this decision. I hope that the citizens of Auburn get behind them in urging cooperation from county officials to work with them in regard to this very important issue, one that will ultimately affect us all.
Heather Ireland, Meadow Vista