Reader Input: Thank you, Gathering Inn

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As the coffee pot brewed on Sept. 17, 2012 in The Welcome Center at Dewitt Center news reached the homeless community with a big cheer The Gathering Inn was once again to re-open after a two-month closure.
Suzi de Fosset is the executive director of the Gathering Inn, a nonprofit based in Roseville that provides shelter and support for the homeless men and women; as well as the Auburn area.
Returning to the de Fosset’s awesome staff members are: Linda, Debbie, Ron, Josh and Gail to help the homeless from being arrested and provide the services to keep them off the street and harms way. These people of the de Fosset have demonstrated a superb performance to offer a “better alternative” then being on the street because of alcohol or drugs to anyone wanting to make a change by choice in their lives.
This program…The Gathering Inn is certainly an added gem to an ongoing concern within the community and law enforcement of Roseville and the foothills.
Again my hat is off to a great staff who cares very much about humanity in these economic troubled times.
John Wesley Noble III, Auburn