Reader Input: Thanks for showing sport’s positives

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This is in regards to your excellent coverage of the California Youth Shooting Sports Association youth trap-shooting program.
This program is the most incredible success story ever!
Seven years ago, my then-sixth grader started shooting trap with the fledgling Auburn Trap Club team. The trap competitions were held in one location, with only about 180-200 kids total.
Now the meets are held in up to four separate locations with around 180 shooters in each location. That is a tremendous growth rate! My son is now a senior at Bear River, and is still excited about those six Saturdays every spring that he gets to go out and prove what he’s learned. This is his last year, and we are already lamenting that we won’t know what to do with ourselves next spring!
Thank you for accentuating the positive and healthy aspects of what has become a sensitive hot-button for many people who don’t or haven’t taken the time to understand how safe and fun this is for these kids. I encourage everyone to come to Auburn Trap Club May 18 all day and observe the smiles and camaraderie for themselves.
Grant Shatto, Auburn