Reader Input: That’s billions, with a ‘B’

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When I went to school, I was taught that Congress was supposed to represent the people. Now our Congress represents the lobbyists. The lobbyists write the bills for the congressman. The large corporations employ the lobbyists.
The lobbyists in turn “bribe” the congressman. So, who is representing the public these days?
As you may know, many of our large corporations have their headquarters in foreign countries to avoid paying taxes.
We need to close this huge loophole. Because corporations aren’t paying their fair share, guess who must assume the tax burden? Yep, you guessed it, “you and I.” Plus they bully Congress into cutting our rightful benefits!
PS: One thing that really gets “my goat” are the unnecessary, tax “loopholes” and “subsidies” given to the major oil companies every year. Watch your local business news on TV and you will hear how many “billions of dollars they collect in revenue. That’s right, billons with a B.
John Murphy, Auburn