Reader Input: There’s just no escaping death

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Many people I’m sure have realized that Auburn has come to horrible standards, including me.

As in the recent murder, things like that never used to happen in Auburn. Sure, five or six years ago crime was around but not in Auburn as much as our surrounding cities such as Sacramento. Murders happen there just about every day. Most Auburn residents that have lived here can tell you that Auburn has always been a quiet little hick town.

Obviously, the rate of corruption has clearly went up just in general everywhere. Even if you tried to go anywhere there would still be deaths and sickness there is no escaping it.

So, in my conclusion, what I am getting to, is that the United States and the world has come to such rock bottom standards. It’s horrible to have young children growing up in places where the crime and things such as that is rising and the murders continue to be bad and, with these presidential debates, what are they going to do?

They can’t stop people from killing each other. What are they supposed to do, tell everybody to not kill each other? That won’t work, they can only do so much.

It’s up to society to try to help but, it will still continue no matter what we do and that’s just the cold hard truth and that’s just sad to say.

JULIETTE DuBOSE, student, Auburn