Reader Input: There goes the neighborhood

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In an era of falling property prices and record foreclosure rates, here’s another potential hit on our property values, not to mention our country lifestyle. I had a residential appraisal corporation in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties for 17 years including review work for FNMA and many lenders and I can assure you that any time a residential property is in proximity to commercial/ retail/industrial uses it’s reflected in a negative adjustment in property value.
There has been a proliferation of wineries in this area with many sponsoring events to promote wine tasting and sales and while most of these are minimal adverse impact on the area, some are pushing for more and larger events. Now there’s a property in the Auburn/Newcastle area applying for a permit for what is called a “Community Center” but is really a blatant attempt to establish a “for profit” rental party facility for 365 day/year use, 200 guests, exterior stadium type lighting, music speakers, etc. There is no basis for approving this under the agricultural promotion umbrella and now that neighboring property owners have been made aware of this scheme they’ve put up a steady and vigorous protest with approximately 200 signing petitions to deny the project and many speaking at MAC and commission meeting with legitimate concerns and objections. The outcome is still undecided but it appears the protesters have provided at least enough evidence of the potential for disaster to cause re-evaluation of the project.
If you think this isn’t close enough to you to be your concern, think again.
Approval of this project with applicant allowed to host events every weekend for most of the year opens the door for any property owner with an eye to easy profit or an agenda to promote to also take advantage of the loopholes in these poorly defined property zoning outlines. We all need to make our concerns known before it’s too late. 
This is a critical time in determining the future of our beautiful agricultural residential community as well as your property value investment.
Susan H. Ames, Auburn