Reader Input: These foster parents inspire

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Every once in a while you come across members of our community who have made a tremendous impact and who deserve to be recognized. I had the pleasure of meeting two such people recently at a two-day training provided by Placer Kids.
The course instructors were a husband and wife team, Dave and Ranetta, and they have worked as foster parents in Placer County for over 26 years.
During that time they have opened their hearts and home to over 65 foster children. These were two truly inspirational speakers who undoubtedly love what they do as foster parents. I think they were born to be foster parents.
What an honor it was to be trained by them and to be able to learn from their experiences, their daily challenges and their triumphs. I could think of no better way to provide us with the information we needed than to let this uniquely qualified couple share their story with us.
Because of their instruction and insight we were able to make an educated decision as to whether or not each of us was truly prepared to make the commitment to foster parenting. Their training was inspirational and it was obvious to me why they volunteered to be there. They wanted to be certain that each one of us understood the high expectations that Placer County places on its foster and adoptive parents and to play a role in the teaching and mentoring of the new foster parents entering the program.
Dave and Ranetta are just two of many foster and adoptive parents who have dedicated their lives, their homes and their love to our community’s children and they are the unsung heroes of Placer County. These individuals are an unexpected gift to a child. We salute you.
Christina M. Bethea, Colfax