Reader Input: Those trapshoot articles hit mark

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As Trap Mom for Auburn Gold Miners, I want to thank you for your recent articles of the kids shooting and our fundraiser event (“Auburn Gold Miners came out with guns a blazin’ at Colfax trapshooting tournament,” Journal, May 6; “Community support makes Auburn Gold Miner’s Fun Shoot a success,” April 28).
Not only does it expose this sport to other local children who may be interested in joining our team, it really helps our kids in many ways.
Seeing the rewards of their efforts published reinforces what an awesome job they are all doing, not only shooting but in their “friendly” competitions and sportsmanship, commitment to the sport and responsibility levels.
We have two kids in college on full scholarships for their trapshooting. These articles also provide a way for the “scrap book” to become a well rounded résumé for the years to come. Thank you again —  we all look forward to Trap Tuesdays!
Paula Mallmann, Auburn