Reader Input: Time to get tough with US Congress

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As we are again on the verge of financial chaos, we see Congress as no more than a bunch of pompous jerks.
They constantly squander away the nation’s money and point at the other party. The citizens don’t know which group of liars to believe.
Then, to make it even worse, we are bombarded with the whacko talk show hosts and the goofy unfounded emails circulated by so many well-meaning, gullible folks.
Let’s face it: Drastic changes are needed.
For a start, let’s consider these: Stop all perks for those elected. They are stealing us blind. Let them pay their own way; after all, they have a very hefty salary.
Make it illegal for any company to lobby our  elected at all levels and furthermore make it a strict law (against) any elected to receive any gratuities. These would have to be enforced with terminations.
Place taxations on all companies that have opted to  relocate outside the U.S. They only do this for the cheap labor while gouging the folks here at home.
When those in office can’t or won’t get the job done, we should have the right to oust them.
Our government officials should not have the authority to give away the nation’s monies to every Tom, Dick and Harry nation. Let’s face it, we are broke and borrowing money to give away to many nations that don’t even like us. Duh!
I, for one, will not vote for anyone who is in office, period. (Sign me) disgusted citizen and taxpayer.
Paul T. McDaniel, Auburn