Reader Input: Time to stop the killing

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No, I don’t advocate taking away your guns. Seventy percent of the public want some changes in our gun laws.
1. Mandatory background checks for all gun sales. In California, this is already the law, but anyone can go to a Nevada gun show and buy guns.
2. Outlaw assault weapons. How many shots does it take to kill a deer?
Assault weapons were created because our soldiers were such poor shots that they needed 100 bullets to bring down their target.
3. Outlaw high capacity magazines.
4. Federal accounting of felons, mentally ill people and those who cannot legally own guns.
Even NRA members want some of these changes. Of course, these changes will not prevent all gun-related murders and suicides.
The NRA and some senators have tried to defund the  Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives,  which has the responsibility of enforcing existing laws. They have also blocked research on gun violence. Congress needs to act.
What can you do?
1. Lock up your guns.
2. Teach your family members gun safety and a healthy respect for guns.
3. If a family member shows signs of violence or emotional problems, get help.
Yes, you have a right to your guns, but you also have a responsibility to your family and to your community. We just can’t arm every teacher, every clerk in the mall, every movie theater employee, every restaurant server, every bartender and lock every door.
This isn’t the shoot ’em up Wild West any more. At least I hope that it isn’t.
Karen and Dan Tajbl, Auburn