Reader Input: Tired of being hosed by PCWA

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Every couple of months we are greeted with a bill from PCWA. Our conservation efforts are drowned out with a $70 charge for a few units of water; $30 charge for the privilege of buying water (fixed charge), a $28 charge for renewal/replacement (formerly meter replacement). Using a meager $4 of water is rewarded in this way.
Of course, there is plenty of profit to give each director hundreds of thousands to pass out to their chosen benefactor each year.
There is a similar amount for employee bonuses.
My 89-year-old mom also conserves and uses a smaller amount of water and is slapped with a soggy sponge for $65. When is the D.A. going to request a Grand Jury investigation of the public agency utility soaking of Placer citizens?
Write a letter to anyone who will listen if you feel the same! I’d wet my hornet but it cost too much ...
Lee Gregor, Auburn