Reader Input: Tone down our weaponry

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The lunacy that’s tearing our country apart, both figuratively and literally, needs to be addressed from a mental health perspective, news media restraint and arms control which should focus on increased control of semi-automatic and automatic weapons, which have zero sporting or self-defense in mind.
Certainly people kill people and a “lessons learned” needs to hammer that point home, with proper screening and treatment for the ones among us.
Coincidental with this effort needs to be sensible gun control on weapons that are meant to kill people! Folks, the NRA is not our friend, as it is currently chartered. It has been taken over by certain weapon evangelists who view recent Supreme Court decisions as a license to expand their influence beyond the original intent that the populace be allowed “to bear arms” under the command and control of a formalized militia.
People do not need to run around with the above-mentioned “automatic and semi-automatic” weapons! A full court press in all the above mentioned phases needs to be aggressively pursued, politics be damned or we will continue to see this type hyped murder.
Geary C. Tiffany, Auburn