Reader Input: Tyrants fear the intelligent

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The letters to the editor over the last few days demonizing the NRA, lying about the Second Amendment and trying to minimize our courageous citizens reveal that our community contains some individuals whose motives may be difficult to explain (ignorance, lack of intellectual honesty, anti-American activism, timidity, nihilism?).
The volume of misinformation and the historically murderous results of civilian disarmament demand a response. I will not criticize those that do not have the courage to defend themselves or their family, as I personally know the fear of combat.
However, I expect all reasonable and honest Americans to research the NRA and inquire of those that have many years of experience as active members ( I have almost 60 years). Membership has been a personal benefit to many and has always been a benefit to our country.
However, these facts will not deter the malevolents from spewing their hatred and misinformation, but hopefully many more will understand the lies and methods being used by those that want to destroy our culture and nation (intentionally or unintentionally). Their methods are not new and the uninformed should also research the methods of Communism, National Socialism and even organized crime that have resulted in the masses voting for legislation that is against their best interests.
With the Internet, there is no excuse for not researching the facts and using one’s critical thinking abilities to make honest decisions. A good starting point would be the recent SCOTUS decisions on the Second Amendment. Tyrants have always feared the intelligent.
Walter F. Drysdale, M.D., Auburn