Reader Input: Uniforms help in education

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There are many reasons why most charter and private schools are generally more successful than our public schools, but I wish to focus on one aspect that was mentioned in Tuesday’s article about the John Adams Academy. That is the wearing of uniforms.
We need to institute that policy in our public schools in the Auburn district from kindergarten through high school. There is vast evidence that in every case where a uniform policy has been instituted many beneficial results accrue.
These include elimination of the pressure that comes from some students being able to dress in more expensive clothes, the elimination of the ease of gang or clique identification, increased unity amongst the school population, improvement in conduct and improved academic achievement.
Walk by particularly the high school when the students are out of class. The way many of the students dress reflects what is at best a slovenly attitude about education and life in general, often clothing appropriate only for the beach — distracting on so many levels from the purpose of attending school in the first place.
The illusion of freedom created by our current clothing — or lack thereof — policies is really only giving license to attitudes of disrespect, both for authority and for students themselves.
If we are really interested in improving the academic achievement of our children, we should be unafraid as adults to enforce so simple a request as the implementation of a uniform policy. The positive results of such a policy have been proven over and over.
Robert Namanny, Auburn