Reader Input: US dictator does as he pleases

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I agree completely with Thomas Mann (“Where is the outrage?” — Reader Input, March 24). It’s totally OK with the mainstream media that we give millions of dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood who hates us and harbors terrorists, millions more in foreign aid to other countries that hate us, hundreds of thousands of dollars for the vice president to stay in a lavish hotel in Europe or the First Lady to spend on a trip, but the White House tours have to be shut down!
Mr. Mann is also correct in saying that it is the people’s house. It does not belong to the president or any other politician. He is a temporary occupant and we pay for that house and his salary! I think he’s just showing us that he thinks he knows best and could care less what we think.
I wouldn’t say all the American people have become idiots, but unfortunately, many have gone down into apathy on the whole thing and that’s just as bad. That’s the real reason he was elected — because so many are in apathy and did not even vote. So Mr. Dictator does anything he pleases, including dragging the U.S. into bankruptcy, printing money so soon the dollar will soon be worthless, kowtowing to the Muslim terrorists and the mainstream media just keeps on licking his boots and blaming the Republicans. It’s disgusting.
Marcia Winborne-Graven, Lake of the Pines