Reader Input: US electorate gutless on guns

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Shameful indignation again! One of the biggest threats to our democracy is the ability to intimidate, buy off, or otherwise discourage proper response from our elected officials.
Approximately 90 percent of the people polled in this country wanted a common-sense approach to reducing arms reduction through increased background checks for gun shows and the Internet — a course, by the way, that was championed by (NRA Executive Vice President) Mr. (Wayne) LaPierre himself.
The gutless reaction of our elected few shows how easily the democratic process can be distorted or totally ignored, by enough money and political damnation and manipulation.
The NRA has boldly offered only lies, stoking fears of weapons confiscation and repudiation of the Second Amendment. All of which is B.S. Also, the noted “Dr. No” of taxation (re: Grover Norquist) is a board member of the NRA. Right-wing extremists all.
Geary C. Tiffany, Auburn