Reader Input: US legislators’ gun vote ‘shameful’

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As I weep for those killed and maimed in Boston, I also am furious at our legislators’ failure to do what we, the vast majority of Americans want, that being background checks on all sales of guns in this country. I’ve written previously about this, calling our representatives “gutless.” I will also add “venal.”  
They seem to be working for the NRA instead of their constituents. Once the NRA was all for background checks, now they are not. Why? Can it be because they are more interested in the money received from gun manufacturers?
Also, I heard Rep. Rand Paul say that the families of those affected by gun violence were being “used as props” during the debates. “Props?”
Who better to speak about gun violence than those who have lost loved ones? Is he serious?
Rep. Gabby Giffords, another victim of gun violence, called this vote “shameful.”
She is right.
Rosalie Wohlfromm, Auburn