Reader Input: US lives by guns, dies by guns

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I was shocked to see one of our own public servants (“Blame these two for school shootings,” Gordon Ainsleigh, Reader Input, Dec. 18) under the spell of the NRA’s paranoid perspective.
The bottom line is America’s Second Amendment was written for the guns of the time, not assault guns! But, because of the “fear mongers (National Rifle Association)” that suggest “next they will take all your guns away,” we Americans are over 20 times more likely to be killed by a gun than all other industrialized countries combined!
In 2010, 31,000 Americans were killed by guns in the U.S., 60 times more than all the troops killed in Iraq and Afghanistan in the same year!
It is time to stop the smokescreen and protect all Americans with the same laws and non-violent social mores found in other “civilized” countries.
Radley McCord, Bowman