Reader Input: USA makes room for all

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Dee Nann, in her April 12 letter to the Auburn Journal’s Reader Input section, has made me thankful for the many rights we have in this great nation.
We have the right to be a bigot. Ms. Nann uses the word “Muslim” as though it were an epithet. And if Obama were a Muslim, what would it matter?
We have the right to be intolerant. Ms. Nann refers to “our God.” Last time I looked up at the heavens, there was only one Prime Mover, yet there are dozens of man-made religions to explain the cosmos. We really are all in this together.
We have the right to be ignorant. Ms. Nann would eliminate foreign language instruction in the public schools despite the fact that we have millions of legitimate Latino neighbors and that our primary trade partner in the global economy is China.
We have the right to beat dead horses hoping that they will run again some day. Ms. Nann still espouses the birthers’ mantra in order to assert that Obama is not a citizen.
We have the right to be obtuse. Ms. Nann claims that Obama doesn’t follow the Constitution and that we all should read Article IV, Section 4. I dutifully did my reading and find that Obama and the Constitution get along just fine.
It’s always amazing to me that Obama has the academic credentials to teach Constitutional Law and that the average man-in-the-street thinks he/she knows more than Obama.
We have the right to be funny and entertaining. I used to scoff at Nann’s periodic rants as just another person who overdosed on Fox News.
More recently, however, I get a kick out of her writing as a classic example of just-how-far-over-the edge Fox can take a normal rational human being.
Maybe most importantly, we have the right to say lots of vile things in public. Many nations around the world would jail Ms. Nann in a heartbeat for publishing her venomous writings. Let’s all be thankful that the United States makes room for even the most hateful individuals.
Alan Shuttleworth, Colfax