Reader input: Volunteers build community strength

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I want to thank Sarah Martin for her acknowledging Alan Young’s longtime dedication to world wide service( Reader Input, Jan. 4, “Give in spirit of giving man). I also want to thank her parents for the wise parenting of this young lady of such wisdom.
I am also one of Alan’s cheering squad, of whom I am sure there are many.
The person who invented Shelter Box has gifted the planet as well as Alan’s service. In addition to Alan’s service to many, he has also been a member of the Rotary Club and Rotary International, which also sponsors the Shelter Box program. Rotary also is a worldwide server and a blessing everywhere a member goes.
Thank you Sarah and Mr and Mrs. Martin. Auburn is blessed to have young people such as she.
In deepest gratitude to young people and volunteers everywhere
Delta Wilson-Ricky, Auburn