Reader Input: Vote your heart, come together as nation

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In probably the most contentious national election in our recent history, it’s important to remember and understand that the type of issues that have inspired such division and emotional debate are neither trivial nor easily remedied, regardless of who wins the election.
The great recession, national debt concerns and terrorism are very complex in nature and there are very few silver bullets to turn the ship around quickly, but they are solvable and need immediate coordination and compromise between our governmental branches and not recriminations.
It’s very important to vote your conscience and your heart and once it’s over to come together as a community, state and nation.
The shameless sabotage in our political system, while always prevalent, has gone far beyond rational debate and has turned into a worldwide embarrassment.
We need to fix tax loopholes, address entitlements in a responsible manner, handle the debt crisis and, most of all, treat each other in a civil manner.
Geary C. Tiffany, Auburn