Reader Input: Watch Colfax thrive, prosper

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Reports of the death of Colfax are greatly exaggerated!
With the help of Lani Lott from the Greater Sacramento/Sierra Small Business Development Center (SBDC), the Colfax Area Chamber of Commerce is spearheading an effort to revitalize historic downtown Colfax.
Various business owners, property owners, community residents, plus representatives from the sheriff’s office, council, chamber and other interested parties held their first meeting.
Ms. Lott stressed the need for all parties to work together as a “unit” to insure that whatever initiatives are undertaken will succeed. I think we must seriously consider Ms. Lott’s recommendations. After all, she has over 20 years’ experience in assisting communities to strengthen and expand business districts, as she did in Grass Valley in the ’90s.
Those of us who love Colfax and want to see it thrive hope that we can work together as a unit. Area residents and I-80 travelers need to know what they are missing if they don’t stop in downtown. And, downtown needs to work together to inspire those folks to give us a try.
It will take a community-wide effort and Colfax deserves our best!
LindaLouise Haines, chamber ambassador, Colfax