Reader Input: What happens when you get old

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This is what happens when you get old. You hear the things that make younger folks go gaga, and all you distinguish is a speech to those of color, of other cultures, those that are gay and those disenfranchised in some way or another.
You hear Medicare and Social Security listed as the criticized entitlements of today when you know of continuing blatant abuse of government-issued cellphones and government-run campaigns to get as many people signed up for food stamps ever.
We hear of the necessity to oversee the world in an effort to guarantee diversity and compassion of all that live in those other countries, while you know of atrocious examples of misuse of government funds that should go to those victims here in our own country.
You hear of the largesse behind an open heart to ignore the law and allow illegal entry to our country and suggest they would be the saviors of our beleaguered economy.
You hear the omitting of “under God” from quotes taken from our country’s Pledge of Allegiance without comment.
And as has been suggested so many times over, the idea that equality should mean equal reward for the pursuit of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness rather than strengthening the foundation of the only country that guarantees “opportunity” to each and every one.
I’m not interested in your gayness, your color or your culture as much as I’m interested in staying the course laid for a country that’s known best for its nurturing of creativity, its provision of incentive to succeed, its example of productivity, responsibility and the overall importance of generating a citizenry that strives to maintain the highest individual character anywhere.
I guess some of us old folks just “hear” differently.
Tom Head, Grass Valley