Reader Input: Since when is ‘liberal’ a dirty word?

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Don Greer’s Reader Input from the Nov. 22 Auburn Journal paints the term “liberal” as an awful moniker (“Reader Input: Cartoon in bad taste, paper too liberal). I, too, am a white male, and I know that the most popular social reforms have come from liberal presidents.

Do you value regulation of the stock market, the establishment of the federal minimum wage and Social Security? They all came from FDR, a liberal president.

Do you appreciate the Civil Rights Act, The Voting Rights Act and Medicare? They all came from LBJ, a liberal president.

Most conservatives tout (Ronald) Reagan as their spiritual leader and icon. Can anyone remember any major accomplishments in the daily lives of Americans that would bear his mark?

Vague terms like “leadership” and “charisma” are not accomplishments. And how about the two Bush presidencies? Invading Iraq does not qualify as an accomplishment ... even if you do it twice.

Don Greer also says he is considering cancelling his Journal subscription because the paper is too liberal. Given the fact that the Journal sits in the geographic center of the most conservative county in the state and can still print a balanced political view, I am signing up for a lifetime subscription.

Alan Shuttleworth, Colfax