Reader input: Why abolish death penalty?

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I am wondering what the politicians in Sacramento are thinking when I read through all of the ballot initiatives. Why would they think that we need yet another tax increase in this pitiful ecomomy? I also cannot fathom why they are still trying to repeal the death penalty. Didn’t we, the people, say rather loudly that we do not want to abolish the death penalty? Instead, we would like for the state to carry it out on those who justly deserve it. The liberals always complain about the cost of putting murderers to death, but I think that letting them do appeal after appeal is what drives up the cost. CA prefers to not enforce the law when it involves the death penalty. Most murderers die of old age, something their victims never live to see. Maybe the cost would go down if the state actually did it’s duty and carried out the death sentences of those who earned it .

Donna McCloskey, Auburn