Reader Input: Why is America being disarmed?

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I read the article the other day about the mountain lion on Stevens Trail (“Warning issued after mountain lion stalks hiker near Colfax,” Journal, Feb. 19). I am glad the ranger was able to defend himself from the lion by shooting it. Had that been an unarmed citizen, the story would probably have ended up with death or serious injury. So, what gives government officials the right to bear arms, and protect themselves, while our rights are being challenged? Why are we losing the right to defend ourselves?
Many of us train and practice our marksmanship, not unlike the officials do.
There is an article by Andrew Malcom, which states that the Obama administration has purchased over 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition in the past 10 months. That is approximately enough to shoot each American five times.
And, they are planning on buying more. I was at Walmart the other day and the shelves were bare of bullets for sale. I understand it is that way in stores, all across the nation.
The FBI performed 65,376,373 background checks for gun applications since 2009. That is a whopping 91 percent increase over Bush’s first term in office, according to CNS News.
Is this administration using smoke and mirrors, challenging our right to bear arms, while quietly buying up the ammunition that makes the guns useless without it? Why is America being disarmed? Shouldn’t we all have the right to protect not only ourselves, but also our country from foreign invaders and our own tyrannical government?
This administration is making an absolute mockery of our freedoms and our right to protect ourselves. America needs to wake up to this Obamination of our rights.
Peggy McCray, Auburn