Reader Input: Why cut funding to our schools?

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Re: “School wins $75,000 prize for online video,” (Journal, Dec. 11).
This is awesome! Schools definitely need the new technology to captivate students and make them really want to learn. It shows just how valuable art programs are for our schools. It’s just so sad that the government keeps cutting funds for schools, making it very hard for these programs to keep going.
Is the government even using the funds they cut for schools for anything? It seems like they take money from our country’s future and then spend it on unnecessary things for themselves.
Everywhere you go you can see the effects of budget cuts, but you never see any improvement in other areas from the money the government gained.
In my opinion, if politicians aren’t going to use money cut from schools for good, important causes for the benefit of the people, then they should not cut the schools’ budget at all.
If these budget cuts keep going in their present direction, then soon very few, if any, schools will have art, band, computers, or choir classes. In the future, our society will have too small a number of musicians, artists, etc. Unfortunately, American politicians care more for their personal comfort than for the well-being of the country now or its future.
If changes do not happen soon, bad things will. Hopefully people will confront our government and finally force self-centered politicians to think of their country before themselves.
ALEXANDRA BUCKMAN, student, Auburn