Reader Input: Why don’t we stick with democracy?

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I do not want to “rile against” Mary Ann Frank but I would like to remind her of a few different facts from her own (“Gun control allows genocide,” Reader Input, Jan. 31).
What about the “Arab Spring” in Egypt? The people practiced civil disobedience and labor strikes and brought down the Mubarak government and became a democracy. It may still need tweaking but government change came without guns.
What about Mahatma Gandhi? He got the British out of India and would never touch a gun.
What about our own Martin Luther King Jr.? His peaceful protesting finally brought equality for Americans of color even though a gun brought his life to an end.
Do you really think the common citizen, no matter what kind of armor they have, has any chance to stand against the might of the U.S. Armed Forces? All our tax money going to defense is not being used for peace lilies!
Why don’t we stick with democracy and instead of civil war work to change the things we don’t like in our government? We are the government of and by the people.
I, for one, can’t stand to listen to one more broken-hearted parent begging for some sanity. Don’t you feel their pain? Can’t we work together to come to some solution to at least lessen gun violence?
Paulette Walter, Colfax