Reader Input: Wicca has no Satanic link

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As an actual practicing Wiccan for many years, I would like to point out that any and all accusations that pagan witchcraft has any connections to Satan is completely false (“Give witchcraft a wide berth,” Reader Input, Nov. 27).

Wiccans do not believe in the Christian god or devil. That would make us a Christian sect. The only god that I believe in is Mother Nature, who is in all things, and brings only goodness and balance.

Many people will rebuttal with things they have seen on the Internet or TV about white and black magic. The magic in Wicca is exactly like most other religion’s prayers. We pray (or have ritual) for the same things any other religion would: Cure a sick friend, hope to find love, or mend a broken heart or family.

What you call black magic would be the same as praying for something bad to happen. I’m sure Christians frown at the practice as much as Wiccans do.

So don’t be blinded by believing everything you hear or read on the Internet. Learn for yourself and remember that Christianity is not the only path to spirituality and goodness.

With that, I leave you with the first line of the Wiccan Rede (sort of a code of conduct) – Harm none and do as you will.

Jessica O’Neil, student, Auburn