Reader Input: Wicca has zero to do with Satan

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In response to Arianna Stansfield’s letter, “Give witchcraft a wide berth,” (Reader Input, Nov. 28), I say, first of all, did you even read the book?

I have and the book makes it clear that modern-day witchcraft has nothing to do with Satan — witches don’t even believe in the existence of Satan.

More than this, Wicca is a very ethical religion. It teaches, “An it harm none do what you will.”

This is much like Jesus teaching to love our neighbors as ourselves.

Wicca is a religion that sees the Earth and its changing seasons as sacred, and it does not practice “black magic.”

More than this, it does not hold a dualism of black and white magic.

Spells are prayers for the good, and everything is done for the good due to what witches believe is the law of threefold return — that whatever you do will return to you threefold — in other words, what goes around comes around.

If you “did some research” I can’t imagine where you got your information.

I’m guessing it was from a fundamentalist Christian source.

Richard Reich, Auburn