Reader Input: Wishing all a sick-free year

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Re: “Flu season arrives early,” Journal, Dec. 5:
I think it is extremely important that this article is on the front page. The flu is very serious, especially to me, because I am still a kid and it is very effective on kids.
It is very important information that it is coming early. The flu vaccinations save many people from getting sick. I have already gotten my flu vaccination but for people who usually save their vaccinations until right before the flu starts, this is golden knowledge.
However, according to one source in this article, the vaccine is only a way for pharmaceutical industries to get money by making people sick.
Although I do not know much about these businesses, I would disagree. Sure, a lot of people get the flu from the vaccine and that is most likely the pharmacy’s fault. However, earlier in the article, it said that the vaccines were at little or no cost.
This is just my assumption, but I was guessing that the vaccine money went to the pharmacy, but no money was paid for the vaccine. Although, I am probably wrong, and maybe the money came from somewhere else to pay for the vaccine. If I am wrong, then 1 humbly stand corrected.
All in all, this article was, to me very accurate. It will probably save many people from illness, especially those who really pay attention to the paper.
Let’s just hope that everyone has a very healthy Christmas, and a sick-free new year!
Mark Griffitts, student, Auburn