Reader Input: Work to rein in price of animal shelter

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I am practically speechless after reading the front-page Journal article on the astronomical price for the new animal shelter (“Placer supes move on new $23.6 million North Auburn animal shelter,” Journal, Feb. 6). I agree that a new one is needed but the cost of $23.6 million is totally unreasonable.
Our county has hundreds of unemployed who now must pay higher sales taxes and “fees” (aka the fire tax) because we are constantly told that our state is broke.
So, how on earth can we afford such a sum for an animal shelter?
I would imagine that the shelter could be built for way less, possibly with funds left over to help those who are homeless or jobless. At least supervisor Jennifer Montgomery deserves credit for asking how we can spend that much on the building without taking into account how employees would be paid.
The idea of building first and worrying later about how to staff the shelter (volunteers and prison inmates?) just doesn’t make sense.
There should be more bids and some effort to rein in the cost — after all, it is our tax dollars that will pay for it.
Donna McCloskey, Auburn