Reader Input: Writer should sleep well

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Re: “Founders stated the obvious,” Reader Input, March 21):
Walter F. Drysdale, M.D., once again demonstrates that the ability to read and understand are not necessarily coincident.
If I understand him correctly (difficult at best, considering the number of straw men he supposes are necessary to be inserted and toppled in order to give his case a veneer of intelligent analysis), the founding fathers inserted the Second Amendment in order to arm the people – or maybe the states, Walter is never very clear – against the supposed intransigencies of the federal government.
Well, Walter, we the people are the best-armed citizens in the history of the world, by an incredible margin, which should be more than sufficient to keep us safe from the nefarious designs of our black Kenyan president.
What more do you want? If one is ignorant enough to believe that our Constitution is best defended by a group of uncoordinated, heavily armed rednecks whose sole understanding of that Constitution seems to be a constant misreading of the Second Amendment, how much safer can you be? What more could you possibly want?
Ed Scotten, Colfax