Reader Input: You cannot steal success from others

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Greed and envy are quiet, malicious partners. They can tear apart the strongest of families when allowed to take root and grow on a diet of ignorance and apathy, leaving a wake of discontent, distrust and anger.

We are being fed, America. We are bombarded every day with half-truths and downright lies. We are being trained to envy our fellow man for his wealth with no thought as to how he achieved it. We are being taught to ask why someone else has something instead of why we haven’t earned it ourselves. We are being told there can be a level playing field but not that in order to achieve it we will all lose the American dream.

The salaries and income of our fellow man is none of our business no matter how many times we are told it is. Everyone has a right to spend their own money as they see fit. If you want success you can’t steal it from someone else. We need to help each other by teaching each other how to work hard and earn what we have, not by taking from the guy who earned the most and giving to the guy who earned the least. If we fail we need to pick ourselves up, brush ourselves off and try again.

We are all becoming slaves. The high-income earners are slaves to the low-income earner and the low-income earner is a slave to the low income as they will lose their hand-out if they earn more. It’s happening to our nation right now. You, me, the guy next door, the lady at the lunch counter, we are the solution. Quit eating the lies, quit ingesting the hate. Be a builder, not a destroyer. Ask why. Back up your fellow man no matter his economic stature.

Know that life isn’t fair and anyone who says they can make it fair is a malicious liar who is feeding the beast. We are at the edge of the abyss and we are about to be pushed in. Fight back, don’t let it happen. Love our nation and all our people. It will only be in celebrating our diversity, our achievements and our humanity that we can step back and regain a foothold for our own independence.

Educate yourselves. Know not only your rights but where they end. Realize that we are all in this together and no one wants anyone else to fail. Let’s not forget a dream of independence is how our nation began, not a dream of entitlements. Greed and envy can only win if we allow them to.

Kathy Shawl, Foresthill