Reader: Limit mercury intake

Reader Input
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In NID (Nevada Irrigation District)’s recent publication, “Waterways,” they describe their project to remove mercury from the Bear River. It correctly relates that mercury can methylate when moved, forming methylmercury, finding its way into the food chain. For several hundred years, gold mining over the world flushed tons of liquid mercury into the ocean, contaminating it and the fish. Mercury is known to be extremely poisonous, especially methylmercury – yet the ADA (American Dental Association) and the FDA still falsely report that it’s “safe” to put “silver” amalgam (50 percent mercury) fillings in your mouth! When you chew, drink hot liquids or clean the fillings, methylmercury vapors are released, inhaled and spread throughout your body. The ADA and FDA won’t now admit their lies, because of their liability for years of damage. Another falsity: you need mega doses of Vitamin B-12. Dr. (Hal) Huggins’ studies show that B-12 methylates the mercury in your body and these days almost everyone gets large or small daily doses of mercury. Yet, the AMA pushes B-12 shots and most multivitamins have 200 times what you actually need (about 20 micrograms). Protect your health. Read labels and check out Dr. Huggins’ Web site, Marcia Winborne-Graven, Auburn