Reader: Obama will take guns

Reader Input
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The letter written by Margaret Carli (Aug. 4) was on the mark. But it is not all about taxes. Mr. Obama is after our freedoms and the sovereignty of this nation. Paulette Walter (Reader Input, Aug. 2) didn’t understand why Mr. Obama should be impeached. I will give one very valid reason. When he was running for office he stated he wanted a “Civilian National Defense Force” bigger and as well-armed as our military. Hidden in his healthcare legislation was the funding for this defense force he wanted. The Constitution forbids congress and the executive branch from owning a military. Also another reason for impeachment is his agenda on amnesty and to use an executive order to give all the illegals amnesty and bypass congress. This president does not care about the rule of law, our Constitution, our sovereignty or our freedoms. This administration is working on signing a small arms treaty with the United Nations. It is the first step to banning our rights to keep and bear arms. People had better wake up before they find themselves under martial law and his established “brown shirts” confiscating our weapons. Bob Velon, Penryn