Reader: Palin always welcome

Reader Input
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In response to “Palin can butt out of our state,” the July 5 letter from Ron Lowe, Nevada City: I was sincerely disappointed in Ron Lowe’s letter in regards to one of the most popular conservative Republicans out there promoting our cause today. Possibly Mr. Lowe needs to understand exactly what a Tea Party conservative is. Since I qualify and at least from the conservative standpoint, let me spell it out. First and foremost, we believe in God and his son, Jesus, as our lord and savior. We believe in the Second Amendment and our right to own and bear arms. We believe that abortion is the killing of another human being no matter the circumstances. We believe in the Constitution the way it was written by our founding fathers so many years ago, back in 1776, and not the watered-down version that our current liberal administration is trying to cram down our throats. We believe in working for a living and making our own health care decisions. We believe in less government, not more. We don’t believe in war, however if we find ourselves in the middle of one, we believe in winning and not just talking about it. We believe this is the greatest country in the world and we want it back. We question if our governor driving around in a limo and living in a nice home or mansion as far as that goes is really going to have a negative effect on our state budget, and as far as Palin goes I believe she is welcome to come to a barbecue in my backyard anytime. Michael J. Keeffe, Auburn